About Andreas

About Andreas Boesch, QHHT Level 2 and Quantum Healing & Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner

Andreas Boesch QHHT Québec Canada

Since I was a child I have been feeling deep inside of me that our daily life that is labeled “Reality” could not be all there is. I always had the urge to find out more what is behind the curtain. With that mindset I was open enough to gradually find out more and to experience more that could not be explained by our hard core matter reality science and society. This led me since 1990 to be on my path and I became a therapist. First, to assist clients as a Physical therapist and Manual therapist as such I am still working. Then I went on my journey to explore consciousness and non-physical realities at the Monroe Institute in Virginia, USA for several years. Then later I got trained to become a QHHT and Introspective Hypnosis Practitioner. All those skills are now taken together to assist my clients in their development and journey to wake up and being their own master of their life. With this magnificent Hypnosis Technique from Dolores Cannon and the Introspective Hypnosis, we will be able to explore and uncover deeper meanings of your personal life. Finding out reasons behind personal and familial problems as well why you have pains, discomforts and illnesses that bother you without logic explanations. I will assist and accompany you on your journey back in time to get information, answers and appropriate healing direct from your Higher Self, your guides and helpers.