After the session

I suggest that you do not make any plans after the session!

As you will need time to integrate in your body after the session, for this reason do not make any planes after your session.

Give yourself the time and space to integrate the process. The energy clearing, healing  and detox will be continuing for a number of days. The Quantum Healing taking place during  your session will restore or initiate new neural patterns and new beliefs, expect to have more intuitive thoughts and ‘knowings’. 

Listening to your session in the days and weeks and even months coming is an important part of the experience of a QHHT Regression. Even if your conscious mind remembers the session immediately afterwards, it can, just as some dreams can, begin to fade from your memory, even if you had an “unforgettable” experience! Also any healing or life improvement suggestions can and will be reinforced by listening repeatedly to your audio copy. The goal is to have your conscious mind “get on board” and align with your Higher Self and its goals, and accept any changes or healing you intend to occur.